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02.04.19 Marcus Semien BHM reading at Parker Elementary
03.26.2019 Boys and Girls Club visit
03.27.18 Lincoln Elementary Olson Pinder Recess Visit
04.02.19 Brooks and Manaea recess takeover
04.03.19 Brooks and Wendelken recess takeover
05.24.18 Chad Pinder Supports School of Imagination
06.03.18 Play Ball Event
07.12.18 OMCA Homegrown Heroes
07.28.18 Town Camp
07.31.18 Teacher Appreciation Night
08.02.18 Chad Pinder visits Shoe Palace
08.06.18 Math Hits championship tournament
08.20.18 Khris Davis Make-A-Wish
08.20.18 Khris Davis Post-Game Interview (Make-A-Wish)
08.20.18 Melvin and Manaea
08.31.18 A's players visit children's hospital
09.13.18 Hacks for Access
09.23.18 A's staff welcome players
12.10.18 Week of Giving - City of Oakland Community Toy Drive
12.11.18 Week of Giving - Alameda County Community Food Bank
12.12.18 Week of Giving - Oakland Zoo Holiday Party
12.13.18 Week of Giving - Salvation Army Holiday Party
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